Saturday, December 23, 2017

5 The prohibition of pregnant women

The prohibition of pregnant women, is beneficial to the baby in the womb.

The prohibition of pregnant women

During pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy. You may not realize it, or knowledge about the bad behavior. The obstetrician or prohibition act or make no minimum for the health of the mother and the baby. Prohibition such realistic scientific not belief. Do while mother was pregnant throughout prohibition 9 months are the following.

1. Don't stress

While the body stress, the brain will command to the adrenaline. Which is right above the kidneys secrete a kind of stress hormones, that is the hormone cortisol (Coltisal) resulting in the body feel like food make you eat in a large quantity. Serious eats a lot so fat that he said. Also, the hormone cortisol. Also can encourage the quantity of insulin and Pol Pot in increased. The hormone insulin is excreted in the pancreas. Which will result in the appetite at all times. The pregnant mother weight tomorrow suddenly. Moreover, the mother with high stress. The baby was perceived as well. After the birth of baby often found that behavior is hard. Crying.

2. Don't wear high heels

The pregnant mother often came to see doctor. With the back pain often. Who thought caused by the shoes? That pregnant women wear high heels. The calf muscle, thighs, waist and back stress and cause pain. Moreover, it was found that High heels make the center of gravity of the pregnant mother's balance may be slipped abortion.

3. Don't wear the clothes strap is too tight

Pregnant women should wear loose clothing casual, better ventilation. Because during pregnancy is changing hormone levels in the body much more specific hormones. The pregnant mother body odor, smell anything sex harder wearing tight, cause odor. Moreover, the circulatory system is bad. Breathlessness may faint faint.

4. No lifting of heavy While lifting the most pressure will be, uterus, because it is our anchor point middle voltage while lifting, the risk of miscarriage, heavy lifting. To climb high, loss of balance to fall the impact.

5. Don't forget to a doctor's appointment.

The pregnant mother to realize that many of the importance of antenatal care. Because the mother's body, and you have to change at any time. If the abnormality of the mother or the baby. The physician to provide timely aid if missed, should see a doctor the next day.

Health care in pregnancy is important. If the abnormality, then you should see a doctor immediately.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Food for pregnant

The food is important for pregnant women. Pregnant mothers should not malnutrition during pregnancy. Because get the nutrients not only can affect growth. And development in all aspects of the baby. Let's see throughout pregnancy 9 months. Pregnant women to eat food to get the nutrients that are both with the mother. And the fetus is?

Food for pregnant  with 7 important nutrients

  1. DHA pregnant mothers should get enough DHA on body and brain development of the fetus. By eating fish at least twice a week, or drink milk added DHA can benefit as well.
  2. Protein is essential to the growth of the brain the baby. Source of food rich in protein, including all types of meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc.
  3. Iron to prevent anemia found in red meat, egg yolk, red bean, wheat bread, spinach, seaweed, etc.
  4. Folate is the formation of the brain nervous system. And spinal cord to the fetus. Pregnant mothers should be given adequate folate to prevent brain malfunction in infants. Source of food rich in folate, such as green leafy vegetables of all kinds, asparagus, Brocolli, kale, cantaloupe, etc.
  5. Calcium is important for bone formation, and the teeth of the fetus. As well as the local mother must have accumulated calcium to the body. If you lack calcium may cause osteoporosis up in the future. Food rich in calcium, including small fish, kale, milk, etc.
  6. Iodine is essential to brain development, the nervous system of infants. The iodine deficiency as a cause of dementia and intelligence is not complete. Source of food rich in iodine, including seafood, such as seaweed, fish, shrimp, shellfish, squid, etc.
  7. Carbohydrates provide energy to your body are rice, bread, cereal, rice noodles, fruits, sugar and fresh fruit juice, etc.
The food the pregnant mother is important very much. Because not only the mother only to benefit from these nutrients. The fetus will also benefit from the food you eat To use build body system. To be healthy. Therefore, during pregnancy, both 9 this month. Pregnant mothers should nutrients from these foods.

Vitamin D for healthy bone of a baby

Let's see what vitamin D is good for your health. And the development of the baby. Vitamin D can make the body you can absorb the minerals important 2 type is calcium and phosphorus, easier, which will lead to the development of bones and teeth of the baby. Also, the structure of these strong too.

If you don't get vitamin D in sufficient quantities during pregnancy. Maybe you have to risk the disorder in pregnancy, such as children with low birth weight. Vitamin D also helps the immune system so you can Take care of the baby's growth in the stomach.

Mother pregnant should get vitamin D?

You should get vitamin D in 10 micrograms per day during pregnancy. The amount of this rate with the general adults need.

Try to walk out to find some sun if you can. Because of the sun. By noon the day will help stimulate your skin you create vitamin D, which need to strengthen bones, your mother, and your bone development. To go out for a walk once a week 2-3 days, in the day that the non-transparent will help you feel relaxed and strong, and also makes the mother. Get vitamin D in sufficient quantities.

But if you want the vitamin from food. You can choose to eat these foods.

  • Fish such as salmon, sardines.
  • Eggs, especially the yolk.
  • Cereal supplement vitamin.
  • Vitamin supplement dairy products, such as milk and yogurt.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

5 methods help infants sleep all night long

Experts said the baby infant physiology from birth until 3 months can sleep for about 5-6 consecutive hours. While we don't have to feed the baby is often life clock regulates sleep and wake up the children, age about 6-12 months, most likely not awake at night. The parents will sleep more sustained during this period.

But that is not for all the babies always... Right?? Because these data are only guided by the general of the baby. There are many other factors that can make you wake up in the night, such as your child might wake up some nights due to the growth of the body,. Wake up because the bad or may wake up because of teething. There are many children wake up during the night until the age 1-year-old. We, therefore, there are ways to help your baby sleep through the night to leave.

5 methods help infants sleep all night long

1. Let sleep yourself. 

Instead of waiting for you to fall asleep and then put a lullaby. Try to let the children learn about sleep yourself. Which is the way one helps children to sleep longer.

2. Don't think your infant is hungry.

Your infant has time to sleep briefly about 40 minutes. Try to find a way to help the baby feel comfortable before you eat milk, using the method of singing or Lou around the abdomen.

3. Create a routine before bedtime.

During the first 4 months.Your infant will benefit from the routine before going to bed, such as bathing, singing lull, dim the lights. These are the way to help your infant sleep better. And help the sleep time.

4. Feeding later normal time.

A newborn baby will be hungry every 2-4 hours, mother to gradually extended lactation. You can use this method of breastfeeding well before going to bed.

5. Observation of the infant.

You should write down a schedule of breastfeeding. Observation. The behavior of the ball when sleepy, such as the eye, these symptoms will help you take your infant to go to bed the right time.

All this is guidelines that help you sleep all night long. But all the children have different characteristics, so it is difficult to tell which way is the best way.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tips on morning sickness during pregnancy

Morning sickness is together with the mother. Therefore, we gathered a secret method. To conquer these symptoms for you as follows.

Morning sickness, nausea, but no vomiting. As the first signal that is pregnant. Most of the symptoms are often at the beginning of pregnancy. And the severe symptoms when the week 12-14.

About 50% of pregnant women have nausea and vomiting 25% only nausea and 25% no abnormalities anything.

The severity of nausea and vomiting that much variety in each one. But most are mild enough to consult a doctor. However, the mother of 1-2% must meet morning sickness. Known that medical Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) which cause vomiting frequently. And as a result, patients lose fluids and electrolytes in the body). Need to get to the doctor to get a specific treatment.

The cause of morning sickness

What is the actual cause of morning sickness? No one knows. But the discovery of important parameters with the stimulate many morning sicknesses, such as quantity Estrogen higher hormone levels, gonadotrophins. Higher (hCG) malnutrition some types (such as lack of vitamin B6 from food) or problems with the digestive system. This is a little bit of knowledge about morning sickness that you should know!

1. You know it or not. My mother's food to eat all the time 1 years before pregnancy may be what makes you have morning sickness? If the mother eats saturated components are a lot. Such as the fat from the cheese or meat. Symptoms may be severe morning sickness. So the advice is that if you plan to be the mother then? Should reduce the amount of these foods to reduce the risk of food have morning sickness. And should eat more vitamin supplements.

2. Morning sickness occurs throughout the day. Not only in the morning.

3. Morning sickness will affect the body weight increase your mother. By weight increased more slowly than when the morning sickness.

4. Good news coming, the mother had morning sickness. The opportunity to have abortion less research said. Morning sickness is caused by hormone content increases. To support a pregnancy is complete. However, if the mother had morning sickness during pregnancy is not to panic. Because of you lot no morning sickness. Pregnancy and was doing well, no problem.

5. You should contact your doctor immediately when nausea and vomiting that more severe as well as oliguria and dizziness. Fast heart rate or blood associated with vomiting.

These tips will help you alleviate morning sickness

  1. Sleep and rest enough.
  2. Get out of bed slowly. Don't be in a hurry.
  3. Be careful not to have an empty stomach.
  4. Eat in moderation. Dining and leisure useful everyday meals with starch components, like pasta, bread, or rice, but the fat component is low. Reduces nausea down.
  5. Drink water or other liquid. But should not be a cold sour or sweet, too.
  6. Be careful the smell like, such as the mother might not with perfume or scent of flowers.
  7. If you start nausea, the mother might try eating crackers, toast, or bananas to relieve symptoms of nausea. (may keep the crackers, near the bed in case of emergency).
  8. Try to drink tea with ginger tea or peppermint. Because ginger and Mint has compound effects reduce nausea, and besides, ginger, chamomile and vitamin B6 acupuncture or acupressure. Can reduce nausea at the beginning of pregnancy as well.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Exercise during pregnancy provides many benefits to the baby

Exercise in pregnancy will benefit both mother and the baby is in the womb a lot. Because it makes baby heart good healthy more and more.

The study of multiple copies of the fitness during pregnancy may be associated with growth and health of infants, for example, a study from scientists Canada introduced out are aerobic when pregnancy is the heart of a healthy baby. And the education of New Zealand scientists linked exercise when pregnant with baby birth weight. That means that in addition to eating with benefit. Being energetic when pregnant. Useful both for mother and fetus.

Dr. Paul Hoffman from The University of Auckland mentioned the "Aerobic exercise regularly will help reduce the risk of overweight baby in the womb of the mother"

The health problems that may be caused by childbirth baby overweight. Increase the risk of complications during the delivery, such as a baby stick in the vagina and perineum. Between the vagina and anus (skin) tear. Anyway. Not that I had my son has grown complications will all for everyone. The part of macrosomia is most often caused by a mother with overweight coordinates and a diabetic during pregnancy.

The Ministry of health in England suggested to pregnant women exercise lightly, such as a regular walk quickly and swimming a day a week 30 minutes 5 times.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The sleep of kids 10 months. All mothers need to know.

The kids will make you everybody's changing and the children also make you know that every child has different sleep may be different. If you want to sleep for a time. For you to do the housework and rest more. To study the sleep of children known system of sleep and sleep scheduling of the ball correctly.

The child 10 months to sleep 14-16 hours. Sleep is important for children's true. But the growth of the body and the development of various is important, no less. Your child will be able to sleep at night without eating. Child 10 months will wake up about 4 am - 5 am and will sleep a little more during the day. The rest of you will be ready to learn things in the daytime.

But there are some children sleep at night is not long enough, may wake up crying to eat milk 2-3 around. So what you have to do is sleep schedule for you. The best way is in the middle of the day, should the child sleep, 1 hours. And do activities, or to play with you all day. The child this is must learn to stand, walk, practice various muscles of the body to be strong. So when using the muscles fully your child will be able to sleep longer during the night.

To create a good sleep habit. For the good of you, because you can have a good rest and have a personal time. And the most important is your health is very good. Because get some good sleep and also use the body fully in the daytime. To review, make sure that you follow your sleep schedule properly.

1. Make routine daily. You have to make sure that your child used to sleep schedule this really do activities fully in the middle of a day and long Sleep in the middle of the night.

2.A spare time before going to bed at night for 1 hours for bathing, changing the pajamas, read books, play with the ball a little before the child sleep. And to prevent children crying before bedtime should let you child sleep 1 hours when late in the day or on the afternoon of the day.

3.In the end when it's bedtime. You should let the child on the bed or on your bed so you can sleep. Mom should let the child sleep rolling and fall asleep.

Remember that every child is different. Your baby may sleep not like others. Sleep time and sleep hours are not the same. You have to understand the sleep of your child.