Sunday, January 30, 2011

Less then a Month Until I am Due!!

Wow, this pregnancy has FLOWN by!  I guess that is what happens when you already have 2 little ones at home with you:)  We are so excited to meet our little boy!  My daughter and son knock on my belly daily asking for their little brother to come out.  It is more then adorable.  With our new addition, I look forward to adding to our store as well!  I LOVE that I get to try out products, see what works and I love, and then pass on this information to all of you! 

I will be writing reviews of some of the products I have tried, even if they are not in the store in the future.  I am the type of person that LOVES to spread the word on great products, great deals, MUST haves, what makes life easier, etc.  Let's face it, we are all busy and I do value others' opinions.  I am the type that reads reviews before I buy!

Some of the items I have bought/received are:

A Hot Mama Gown!  I am MORE then excited to be delivering in this Organic GORGEOUS gown!  The last 2 times I delivered, I did not feel beautiful, AT ALL.  It IS a beautiful time, but I just didn't feel comfortable in the generic gown.  Here is the site  I chose the Antoinette gown with the matching blanket.  I opened the package and was completely in LOVE!!  I of course ran into my bedroom to try it on.  The size is perfect!  And the blanket, it is so soft!  I will write my review along with pictures when the times comes!!!  Deidrea, owner of Hot Mama Gowns is a Mom of 2 (for now as her twitter bio says) and is not only an amazing business woman and inventor, she cares and offers so much knowledge about breastfeeding, natural childbirth and all things BABY! 

KnappSacks LLC
I already have my KnappSack packed in my hospital bag! I have to admit, that and my Hot Mama Gown is ALL I have packed in it at the moment!  Adorable, functional and Organic, I just love this infant swaddler!  It is a great photo prop, so for all of you photographers, this is the item for you!  She customizes colors, designers and just is a pleasure to work with!  Jennifer is a Mom of 3 and a great person!

Breastfeeding is VERY important to me.  With my first I had a hard time, but continued to mostly pump for about 7 months.  With my 2nd, I was more relaxed, informed and continued nursing her until 20 months.  I did not have a good pump with her, and it was hard for me to be away from her for longer then 2 hours, while I worked, etc.  So this time around I bought a pump and then I spotted a Pump Ease.  First of all, can you say..  SO CUTE!!!  I am QUEEN of multitasking, when I saw this product, I thought I MUST HAVE THIS!  I can sew and PUMP, PERFECT!!!!  The prints are adorable and also available in organic, I chose the Leopard print just because it is different.  I can't wait to tell you my thoughts and how it works for me!

Look for pictures, reviews and more insights coming soon!!  I can't wait to share this journey with you!