Monday, May 4, 2009

I love my customers:-)

I got the nicest note today from a very nice Mommie today. She just received a custom wrap, she choose a White Bamboo Baby Wrap with the Green Wallflower print. This is what she wrote:

Aloha Lara,

I just received my baby wrap today and wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with it. I Purchased this wrap for my fourth child due in June. I have used baby wraps for my other children and I am a firm believer in baby wearing, I have even made several carriers myself :) When I saw that you offer wraps made of bamboo I was thrilled! I love how soft bamboo is and how good it is for sensitive skin. When I received my carrier I was double pleased by how pretty it is and how well it's made. Thank you for the great product.

I am a photographer who specializes in maternity and child photography which puts me in close contact with lots of new mommies. I love to support working mothers brave enough to have their own business, especially ones who offer a product that I whole heartedly believe in, so if you would like I would love to share your name. If your interested you could send me some of your business cards and I would be happy to include them with my goodies for new mommies.You offer a great product and I know I personally will be ordering from you again!

Please email me or call me if your interested, either way thank you again for my amazing new wrap :)


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Liz said...

That is awesome! I love the wrap I have from you as well - I use it all the time and my now 3 month old smiles every time she sees me put it on. We love it!