Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Wearing in the Winter, You can do it!

I've been asked from many people lately, "How do you Baby Wear in the Winter". There are many ways to do this. One for example, when I go grocery shopping, I wrap my Sugar Sweet Baby Bamboo Baby Wrap before I leave the house and put my coat on over it. I get my toddler, Logan out of the car first, hold his hand, then take Callie out of the carseat, go into the store. I take my coat off take Callie's coat off, get her in the wrap, and then put Logan in the cart. MUCH easier then any other option in my opinion! And now if you are a neighbor on my street, you know that I constantly wear Callie regardless of the weather. A few weeks ago I took a walk with another family in a snow storm, it wasn't the best idea, but we all had cabin fever! Anyway, since my stroller is inmy mud room and there was about 18 inches of snow, there was no way I would get that stroller out! I wrapped Callie in my Wrap and put my snowboarding jacket over her and I, and of course her hat, pants, baby legwarmers and boots. I pulled Logan along in one of those pull-sleds. I should have asked my neighbor to take a picture of us!

Baby legwarmers in my house are a necessity. I put them on Callie each day, over or under her pants depending on what kind of pants she is wearing. I found that when she wears tight leggings and boots, I put them on over her boots and they stay on better. And plus they just look cute!

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Dallas said...

Girlfriend...move to GA, and you won't need to explaing how to wear a baby in snow! We don't get that here. :)
I have to agree, though. Wearing a baby is a MUST when you're a Mom of two young ones.